Corporate and wedding gifts

11 flavors of honey cream with natural herbs, berries and spices, appreciated even by those who do not like ordinary honey, because it is really tasty. We select the right honey, and then by final whipping with the contents, we get an amazing honey SHMED.

Honey-shmed is a super universal gift.

It can be freely given for any event, to people of different genders and ages. After all, everyone appreciates a warm and heartfelt gift.

A description of each flavor and options for gift sets can be viewed in the catalog. If you want to try it, we will be happy to send you a tasting.

A leather jar will make a cream gift with your individual design or our cute and friendly character.

We are not limited in our own views on the design and appearance of our products. You can become the owner of an exclusive design of our products. You design your own layout, we print and glue.

Giving gifts to guests at a wedding is a relatively new custom. Today, gifts for guests do not necessarily have to be expensive. After all, the main purpose of bonbonnieres is a small pleasant surprise, an opportunity to please your guests, to express your attention and respect to them.

We believe that every smile changes the world for the better. Let us together give smiles and mood to employees and friends.

why us
  • The production is certified by the State Production Service, the production is certified by HACCP
  • We are ready to conclude a contract, we require payment by non-cash payment of FOP 3 group without VAT
  • In 7 years of work, they have never missed the stipulated order deadlines.

Terms and discounts

  • When ordering from 2000 hryvnias - a 10% discount. Delivery time - 1 working day.
  • When ordering from 5,000 hryvnias - a 15% discount. Delivery times are from 5 to 7 working days.
  • When ordering from 10,000 hryvnias - a 20 % discount. Delivery times are from 7 to 10 working days.

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